Our history

Where We Come From—One thing people tend to ask us is, “Where does your church fit in with all the other churches around?”  That is a good question.

We are a church that is part of the United Brethren in Christ denomination.  There are not very many United Brethren congregations in West Virginia, but there are many more in the rest of the Northeast and Midwest.

We are a denomination that is over two-hundred years old, with its origin dating to the late 1700’s and officially being organized in 1800.  The two founders of our church were William Otterbein and Martin Boehm.  Both were German speaking ministers living in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Otterbein was German Reformed and Boehm a Mennonite.  What united them and motivated them to form this new denomination was their desire to effectively spread the message of Jesus Christ to all who needed him. So we are an evangelical church, meaning we believe in the necessity of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world that needs to hear that message.

Fountain Church was founded in the village of Fountain, outside of Keyser, West Virginia, over one-hundred years ago.  Ever since, we have ministered to the needs of this community in an effort to make known the love of God to all. Our church family is committed to continuing this work in the community in the years ahead.